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Emi Conner designs and creates unique and sophisticated fine jewelry with love and light for the magical mindful woman.

I'm Emi. I’m a designer and goldsmith whose growing business is devoted to my passion for gemstones and jewelry. Working from my peaceful home studio in Centreville, Virginia -- a suburb of Washington, DC; I have transformed my company from a part-time business to a full-time profession. I was born and raised in Thailand and moved to the US in 2005. My background is in IT (Computer Networking). I was enjoying it, but I found more happiness working with gemstones and metals where I get to use my hands and imagination to form works of art.

After I became a Reiki Master in 2013, I decided it was time to embrace life in a more creative way while continuing to honor my spirituality. Thus, Emi Jewelry was born. I started my shop on Etsy with Reiki infused gemstone bead bracelets, and now my style leans more towards fine jewelry. Crafting jewelry is a continuous learning process. As I work, I'm also constantly developing my skills, acquiring new tools and materials, and learning new techniques. After being self-taught for several years, I’ve come to realize that I need a proper education in order to bring my business to next level. I chose to go to Stewart's International School for Jewelers in Florida. I’ve learned so much from the school; gold-smiting, jewelry repair, diamond setting, wax carving, molding making and traditional casting. It's so much fun to see how much my jewelry business has grown and changed over time. As new ideas and inspiration flow in, my artistic style continues develop and evolve.

All of my creations are handcrafted from start to finish, except for items in the Swarovski crystal and fine jewelry category. All gemstones and diamonds are from ethical sources. They are handset and produced in limited quantities to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality. My productions start with sketches & renderings of ideas and then transformed into soldered metals. In more complex designs, I submit my design to a professional casting facility. And they will turn my design into a CAD file, where they produce a wax model that will be used for casting quality metal settings. From there, I carefully handset each stone where I hand polish the final product to perfection.

I don’t have a specific word to call my design style, but I know they lean toward romantic, rustic, also elegant but minimalist. I enjoy creating what I feel is beautiful and I usually follow my heart more than trends. I think there is enough ‘trend jewelry’ in the world; why would I want to add to it?

I get my inspiration from everything that surrounds me, from colorful gemstones, beautiful flowers and leafs, blue sky or azure waters, but most of the time color is usually what inspires me to start on a new design. I want to create jewelry that is not just beautiful, but also meaningful and honoring my spirituality. Therefore I include a gemstone meaning card along with every gemstone jewelry order.

My creations are made of high-quality materials to ensure a longer enjoyment of your jewelry. Each piece of my gemstone jewelry has been cleansed using ancient techniques and energized to amplify the power and healing properties of the stones.

I find joy in knowing that I'm bringing a tiny bit of light, beauty, and happiness to the world through this art form with every piece of jewelry I create - and that joy keeps me feeling fulfilled and inspired.

Thank you so much for visiting my online shop and supporting my small handmade businesses!

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